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Harold Dance Investments is an independent broker-dealer and registered investment advisor registered in Utah and Idaho. The firm is privately owned.

The firm's founder, Harold Dance, earned a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Utah State Agricultural College and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He returned to Cache Valley and started his own firm to open up the world of investing to his friends and associates. Harold was among the original 35 members admitted to the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, becoming one of the first CFPs® in the nation. An early advocate of mutual fund investing and a pioneer in deferred compensation plans common today, Harold was passionate about serving the ordinary investor and helped many people build significant wealth over time by using investment principles embraced by the firm and its advisors to this day.

Harold's son, Brad Dance, was an accomplished financial advisor in his own right, serving as President of the firm until his life ended tragically in a car accident. He graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and from the College of Financial Planning, and he was recognized for his expertise as a financial advisor.

Stephen F. Neeley worked alongside his mentor, Harold, and his dear friend, Brad, to serve clients and build the business as a part owner. He has served as the President of Harold Dance Investments since 2004. Under Steve's leadership, the firm became a registered investment advisor and has continued to improve and adapt to the needs of its clients. Along the way, Steve has guided clients through a wide variety of market conditions and helped them benefit from those same prudent investing principles espoused by Harold.

The firm is implementing a long-term plan to transition ownership and operation of the business to Aaron J. Neeley and Daniel J. Neeley who are committed to serving clients for decades to come.


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